Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In a dynamic business environment that requires optimum levels of performance to stay competitive; Thwarting attacks that can harm your infrastructure and set back progress should be your first priority. We live in an age where business decisions are largely dependent on information and data is the lifeline of your business. Any attack on your network, applications or data can have a ripple effect of consequences.

With years of enabling clients to successfully navigate cybersecurity risks. At ArcPoint, we offer a full suite of information security consulting services that help companies to ensure their critical network and other IT assets are protected, and that they are in compliance with internal governance rules along with external regulatory requirements.

1. Our security architecture consulting services conduct 360° assessment of your existing security architecture and perform continuous improvements:

Review of policies, controls and processes.
Vulnerability assessment
Security technology assurance
Red teaming and penetration testing

2. Our managed security services entail the use of integrated technology, unmatched threat.

Continuous Monitoring
Active threat Hunting
IR and Forensics
Managed Detection and Response.

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