Incident Response & Recovery

Incidents and compromises can pose significant challenges for your staff, especially if they lack the specialized skills to assess and regain control after an attack. At Arcpoint Solutions, we provide the necessary advice, guidance, and hands-on expertise to help you effectively respond and recover.

Holistic Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

Our comprehensive services assist clients in discovering and responding to cybersecurity incidents and events of all kinds. This includes securing the scene, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analyzing relevant data, and issuing a detailed report documenting the findings.

  1. Uncover the Attackers’ Actions:
    • Our experts work to uncover the actions of attackers, providing insights into their methods and objectives.
  2. Identify Steps for Removal of Active Binaries and Malware:
    • We assist in identifying and implementing steps to remove active binaries and malware from your environment.
  3. Secure Your Business: 
    • Arcpoint Solutions helps secure your business by addressing vulnerabilities and implementing necessary safeguards.
  4. Detail the Scope of the Compromise:
    • Our services include detailing the scope of the compromise, offering clarity on the extent of the incident.
  5. Limit Data Loss:
    • Through effective response measures, we aim to limit data loss and protect your critical assets.

Our security experts at Arcpoint Solutions provide guidance, expertise, and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about addressing gaps, managing risk, and allocating resources to better protect your organization. Reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your governance, risk, and compliance efforts. Design, implement, and assess risk management capabilities across a spectrum of strategic, operational, financial, and compliance considerations.

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