Enterprise Forensics

Arcpoint Solutions is a digital forensics consulting that brings a range of enterprise solutions and subject matter expertise to your corporate incident and legal needs. We have a network of qualified, certified experts and examiners who can respond to and process incident scenes, advice on digital laboratory design of new facilities and to include structural, work-flow, equipment/implementation, or process improvements of existing laboratories.

Through the implementation of scalable technologies, strategic consulting, and dedicated case management, Arcpoint Solutions serves as an extension of your team. From the initial identification and collection of data, to the final production of relevant documents, law firms and corporate legal departments are able to navigate the challenges associated with large volumes of electronically stored data.

We bring enterprise solutions for your needs through:
  • Forensic Intelligence
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Intelligent Analytics Platforms
  • E-Discovery Suits
  • Digital Forensic

Our incident response and malware experts can help secure your systems and resolve computer security incidents of all kinds. We can limit your exposure to threats and effectively respond to intrusions. Defend against internal and external threats and limit exposure moreover develop and apply processes to help prevent future incidents.

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