Medical Billing & Coding Solution


  • Full or Partial Billing Services.
  • Coding services.
  • Account Receivable Audits & Collections.
  • Aggressive Insurance Collections.
  • Billing Organization.
  • Claims Follow-up.
  • Electronic Claims Resubmission’s.
  • Patient Billing Collections.
  • Payment Posting.
  • Details Monthly Reports.
  • Provide Temporary Staffing Assistance.
  • Evaluate Review your Billing Structure.
  • Billing information can be picked up, faxed, Fed Ex or mailed


ArcPoint Solution Billing Services exists to help medical providers and clinics improve their financial performance. We provide the tools and insights to achieve your business objectives.

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate medical billing headaches
  • Collect more money faster
  • Reduce staffing liabilities
  • Reduce payer denials
  • Reduce errors
  • Focus on patient care not billing

Medical Billing System

  • Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange.
  • Electronic and paper claims processing.
  • Aggressive AR follow up and insurance collections, payment postings & EOB analysis.
  • Patient Statements and balance collections.
  • Monthly practice analysis & collections reporting meetings.

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