Finance & Accounting

1. Book Keeping:

Our services are aimed at decreasing financing/accounting expenses of our customers, by offering expert accounting, bookkeeping, reporting and planning advisory. ArcPoint Solution customized solutions cover the entire spectrum of accounting activities. We work as the clients’ virtual back office for all their accounting and bookkeeping needs from set- up, maintaining accounts, periodic reporting for planning and strategy building as well as meeting regulatory requirements and expert web based accounting.

2. Accounting Services:

ArcPoint Solution focuses on understanding our client’s specific needs and developing a model that best suits their various requirements.

3. Account Payables:

Our qualified and experienced staff will offer the benefit of expert Accounting services while reducing our client’s cost of maintaining high end resources under direct employment. We are committed to following best practices and ensure compliance to all regulatory requirements, budgetary controls that in the long term provide monetary benefits

4. Account Recevieable:

Managing timely inflow of funds is critical for the cash flow of any business. Our experienced team will maintain keen control on Accounts Receivables to ensure timely payments.

5. Tax Preparation:

It is of great importance to every business that tax planning and submission is efficiently managed. Timely preparation of tax reportings and documentation is of utmost value. ArcPoint Solution offers the expertise of specially trained officers so that our clients can benefit from their professional knowledge, reducing tax liabilities and managing prompt refunds

6. Payrole Processing:

ArcPoint Solution end to end payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting services help reduce cost and therefore improve profits ! We offer a full range of Payroll Management Services that are inclusive of the various HR inputs for this purposes such as time and attendance, overtime, leaves, benefits, Social Security reportings, EOBI, Provident Fund and/or Gratuity management etc., employee turnover and separation pay management.


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